Apparently it is now suggested that there should be a trained teacher at every nursery as the children are not getting enough mental stimulation and are being disadvantaged for decades because of this.

Generations of pre-school children in the past got plenty of stimulation by being cared for by their families and interacting with them. It would seem that in the past that the parenting instinct was stronger. People now seem to think they must be instructed all the time on how to live their lives instead of following their own instincts. Stimulation can be gained by day to day life as long as you actually talk to your child and share activities with them. Many children in the fifties could already read and write before they went to school despite never having been to a nursery school, which were practically unknown at that time. Their parents spent quality time with them and there is no substitute for this.

In today’s busy world children are often driven to organised activities after school and weekends. Gone are the simple spontaneous activities such as a walk in the park. Electronics devices have taken over many peoples lives making simple interactions a thing of the past. Something has been lost over time never to be regained.

In the same spirit of robbing life of human interaction supermarkets, post offices and banks continue the march to self service. How many jobs are being lost each year to be replaced by a machine? We are all the losers in the long run.